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When the pandemic was still ongoing, virtual museums experienced a rise in popularity. Now, after the pandemic is over and various regulations have been lifted, the museum is again looking for ways to get visitors interested in coming in person. One way to do this is by utilizing digital signage and placing it in museums to increase creativity and interactivity between museums and visitors.

Digital signage is used to optimize traffic and produce memorable experiences. Its development has brought digital signage as a creative medium. The purpose of its use is for self-ticketing kiosks, interactive information boards, and wayfinding assistance. More and more exhibition halls are using digital signage creatively, one example is making signage as a display that is integrated with augmented reality, motion sensor technology, and other devices.

The initial stage to produce a memorable experience includes placing digital signage as a virtual museum device at several contact points along with the journey that visitors go through when exploring the museum. Take the time to observe how and when visitors interact with the available digital signage. With this data, you can adjust content so that audience engagement continues to increase, especially

Digital displays expand opportunities to be creative and increase interactivity with visitors. The data obtained from signage allows museums to manage and schedule more personalized content – ensuring that content reaches its target audience.

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