Videotron Operational Services by Lima: The Right Solution to Increase the Visibility of Your Business

With flexible on-site and off-site repair services and trained technicians, LIMA OAM is the easiest and fastest way to get your media (and your business) back up and running smoothly. That’s why the LIMA OAM team pays close attention to media uptime. You. With LIMA OAM, you can get the improvements you need quickly to keep your business running

Monitoring: Command center

With modern and integrated Command Center facilities, we are able to monitor and manage each Videotron unit in real-time and ensure that every content that is broadcast runs smoothly. This monitoring service allows us to immediately respond and fix any technical problems that may occur.

Repair: Service center

LIMA provides repairs for all LED units up to Videotron, ensuring that each device returns to optimal functioning. The repair service will be carried out by LIMA’s experienced Service Center team with the support of the latest technology and a team of trained experts, this is a form of LIMA’s high commitment to providing excellent after-sales service.

Content Management System: Icon Play

Icon Play is a software, which is used to edit, add, publish and store digital content – including to control content on videotrons and digital signage. The presence of this software makes it easier for users to edit content directly.


We offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure systems continue to operate optimally. LIMA’s team of expert technicians perform routine inspections and preventive maintenance to prevent problems before they occur, ensuring your equipment and software are always in top condition. Using the latest technology and proven methods, we keep all components working properly, so your business can run without a hitch.


In the face of technical problems, our troubleshooting service is ready to provide fast and effective solutions by identifying and fixing problems with high accuracy, using a systematic approach to return to normal conditions.


Our competent legal team is ready to assist you in obtaining various types of licenses and permits required, both for business operations, development projects and other commercial activities. With in-depth knowledge and expertise in the legal field, we are committed to providing licensing solutions that are fast, precise and efficient, so you can focus on developing your business.

Certified Engineer

Our engineers is equipped with several kinds of certificates in supporting work related to LED techniques and systems to ensure output is standardized. Among them are Absen Certified Engineer by Absen Optoelectronic, Colorlight Certified Engineer by Colorlight Cloud Tech and Nova Certified Engineer by NovaStar

Latest Technology

Lima uses videotron with the latest technology which ensures sharp and clear image quality. With high resolution and the ability to display various content formats, our videotron is able to attract attention easily.

Professional Team

Our team consists of experts experienced in the advertising and videotron technology industries. They are ready to help you design, organize and optimize ads to achieve the best results.

Full Services

Lima offers a complete service from initial consultation, ad design, to monitoring and analyzing ad performance. We also provide periodic reports so you can measure the effectiveness of your ads and make adjustments if necessary.

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