Indoor Transparent LED Videotron Project at Deli Park Mall

Displays Outstanding Image Quality and Provides an Unrivaled Visual Experience for Mall Visitors

Deli Park Mall Podomoro

The Indoor Transparent LED Panoramic Videotron project built by LIMA at Deli Park Mall, Podomoro Park, Medan, North Sumatra, is one of the latest innovations in visual technology. By using Giant LED Transparent Indoor Type P10 which has a size of 500 square meters, this project succeeded in creating an extraordinary visual appearance. This LED is designed with a 10mm pitch specification that ensures sharp and clear image quality, while the adjustable brightness level makes it very suitable for indoor use.

The existence of this Transparent LED Videotron in a strategic location, right in the middle of the mall, provides a visual experience that is pleasing to the eye for visitors who are shopping or just walking around. Its central location ensures that this LED is easily visible from all angles, making it a focal point that not only attracts but also provides information and entertainment effectively.

Advanced Technology for the Best Visual Quality

Latest Innovations in Visual Technology

This Videotron project uses Transparent Indoor LED Type P10 with a pitch specification of 10mm which ensures a sharp and clear visual display.

Amazing Image Quality

These LEDs are designed to display high quality content, be it advertising, information or entertainment, providing an immersive visual experience for mall visitors.

Videotron Installation Process: Advanced Technology and Stunning Results in Malls

The Videotron installation process involves advanced technology and modern equipment that ensures each LED panel is installed with high precision. The installation team consisting of experienced professionals ensures that the entire system functions optimally. In addition, the installation was carried out with safety and stability in mind, so that this LED not only looks attractive but is also sturdy and durable.

The result of this project is a giant LED screen capable of displaying high quality content, be it advertising, information or entertainment. The image quality produced by the P10 LED is very clear and bright, but still comfortable for the eye, thanks to the 10mm pitch specification used. This LED is able to adjust brightness levels automatically, ensuring optimal viewing in various indoor lighting conditions. This provides an immersive and enjoyable visual experience for mall visitors.

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