With the increasing popularity of videotron technology, videotrons and display control system have now become standard equipment for most sports stadiums. The use of videotrons and control systems in stadiums makes the experience of watching matches more comfortable, and makes decision making easier such as scoring, penalties, and so on.

Videotron technology has of course been used at the Qatar World Cup, making the big football match even more magnificent. Two of the various technologies used include videotron scoreboards and LED perimeters.

The LED scoreboard is used to display the match more clearly. The scoreboard used in World Cup matches is equipped with a display control platform that allows remote control for scoring, playback, and other interactions during the match.

LED perimeter is the installation of videotrons around the stadium, replacing what was originally just a static perimeter, where brands and sponsors placed their advertisements. Changing the perimeter to LED gives brands the opportunity to display dynamic content, which can ultimately make their advertising more effective and increase brand exposure.

140 / 5.000 On the improvement and advancement of perimeter LED technology, an innovation using AI has emerged, calledVirtual Replacement Overlay. Reporting from Supponor, Virtual Replacement Overlay is the act of replacing a real object with a virtual alternative real-time, which makes the object more accurate and relevant to the surrounding environment. Replacing objects is done as accurately as possible so as not to become a distraction from the match that is taking place.

Virtual Replacement Overlay is carried out using a combination of hardware and software that can detect and replace perimeter signage at the venue. AI technology, machine learning, and computer vision technology are used for overlaying LED or static perimeters, allowing brand advertisers to serve ads that are more personalized to local audiences.

Installation of videotrons for the sports sector has also been carried out in Indonesia by PT Lintas Mediatama. The first Perimeter LED made by LIMA was placed at the Kanjuruhan stadium, Malang, and also became the first perimeter videotron for the Indonesian sports sector. The second stadium is the Jalak Harupat LED Stadium. LED Scoreboard and Perimeter are available to decorate and enliven football matches at the Bandung city stadium.

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