Top 5 Augmented Reality Digital OOH Experiences

Choosing our favourite augmented reality (AR) digital OOH experience is a bit like asking a parent who their favourite child is. From conception through to campaign delivery, we’ve loved and nurtured each campaign as if it were our child. As we simply cannot pick a favourite, we’ve decided to narrow it down to just a handful. So here are our top 5 AR digital OOH experiences.

Augmented Reality

1. Pepsi MAX: Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi MAX surprised and delighted Londoners with an AR digital OOH first! As commuters waited at this busy bus shelter, they were faced with ‘Unbelievable’ scenarios. These included spaceships descending on Oxford Street, tentacles emerging from a manhole and asteroids plummeting to the Earth.

The unsuspecting commuters were shocked by the surreal events, and a social film of their reactions was shared for the world to see. The incredibly successful campaign received over 8 million views and won over 20 awards, including a COOH award and a Bronze Outdoor Lion.

2. Disney: My Disney Side

To share a little Disney magic with unsuspecting shoppers, Disney brought an immersive AR experience to a Long Island mall. As shoppers passed the faux storefront, they cast a shadow in the form of a Disney character. These ‘Disney shadows’ interacted with participants before eventually revealing themselves in a magical surprise the end of the experience.

The real-life reactions of the adoring fans enjoying the brand experience were made into a social film and shared online. The video has been viewed over 300 million times worldwide and the campaign went on to win an OBIE.

3. Coca Cola: FIFA World Cup AR Experience

Celebrating their continued support of the FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola brought an interactive digital OOH campaign to Zurich Central Station. The AR experience gave football fans the chance to play a few shots against Swiss football star Xherdan Shaqiri, while he played overseas.

Once they had participated, users were prompted to take a photo and enter Coca-Cola’s competition to win an official FIFA World Cup Match Ball. The engaging DOOH campaign received over 1000 interactions across the two days it was live.

4. Lynx: Angel Ambush

Our first augmented reality campaign. Of course we couldn’t leave off Angel Ambush! The digital OOH experience propelled Grand Visual to the next level and helped us to craft some of our most successful AR campaigns, including Pepsi MAX: Unbelievable Bus Shelter and My Disney Side.

Taking place in busy city centres around the world, the experience enabled consumers to interact with angels as they ‘fell’ from the sky. The social film went on to receive 1.3 million views on Youtube, 250,000 likes on Facebook and over 249 posts including Wired US and the BBC. The digital OOH experience went on to win 2 bronze Cannes Lions and was even inducted into the Outdoor Hall of Fame!

5. Disney Marvel Studios: Doctor Strange

For the highly anticipated Doctor Strange movie, Disney Marvel Studios gave fans the chance to ‘bend reality’ in an augmented, digital OOH experience. Using touch-screen and gesture-based technology, users were able to create kaleidoscopic effects on a live camera feed and also ‘open portals’ to another part of the world.

A social film of the experience was shared online with many fans saying they “wished that they had the chance to participate.” Upon its release, the movie went on to open in the #1 position in the US box office and grossed $677 million worldwide.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these campaigns as much as we do!

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