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What is Virtual Shopping? In the simplest terms, virtual shopping is a bridge between online and in-store shopping, which is connected to e-commerce. The result is a consumer omnichannel experience in merging transactions both online and shopping directly in physical stores.

Colleagues working in-store, at home, or at headquarters can instantly connect with online customers via text, chat, or video. Through a real-time connection, shoppers can ask questions, try products virtually, and get recommendations from product experts while browsing the entire online merchandise catalog.

Through LIMA Studio and LIMA Production, EIGER collaborates in the implementation of virtual shopping activities with the online shopping event or Harbolnas 12.12 which is almost held by all major e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

Eiger Virtual Shopping - Endank Soekamti
Eiger Virtual Shopping - Room

Eiger Virtual Shopping - Property
Eiger Virtual Shopping - Danilla

Lima Productions and Studios always offer new innovations to adapt in the midst of a pandemic as well as solutions in the long term through the Digital Activation program. Indoor studio rental program measuring 12 x 14 meters with a bandwidth speed of 100 Mbps along with studio needs properties. Studios can be rented with a maximum capacity of 50 people, by implementing strict health protocol standards such as spraying disinfectants for equipment and rooms before and after use, checking body temperature, and others.

LIMA Studio Space Rental is one of the many Studio Space Rentals that are currently booming, LIMA Space Rental has advantages other than a unique visual booth and a visual display that can be adapted to the needs of those who use Videotron and is integrated with the system.

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