Color Calibration On Videotron

Calibration on Videotron is a process of equalizing the color and brightness of each module to produce the same standard of color and brightness. The calibrated module will be different from the uncalibrated module. There will be color differences on certain sides. Actually, when you buy a videotron, the calibration settings have been done by the manufacturer so that all the colors on one module with the other modules will be the same. Thus, consumers can directly use it without re-setting the calibration.

However, there is a possibility for the videotron to be recalibrated. How come? There are two conditions why the videotron module must be re-calibrated, namely:

1. The calibration settings file is corrupted due to a factory error

This factor is actually natural, because in the factory there are not only one or two modules. So, there must be a bit that has been missed so that the module is defective or the calibration settings file is damaged. To overcome this one factor is very easy, just do the settings again and the module can be used properly again.

2. The lifespan of the videotron is quite long

Usually the videotron that must be recalibrated is the one that is at least 2 years old. But not all modules will be damaged, there are still some modules that still have a good color display. To fix it remains the same, you just need to do a recalibration setting.

Proses Kalibrasi Warna videotron
Proses Kalibrasi Warna videotron
Proses Kalibrasi Warna videotron

The picture above is one of the calibration processes carried out at the Stasiun Bogor.

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