LED Screen for Live Streaming Launching of Regent’s Program

Governmental event in Indonesia usually uses LED Screen Indoor for their events. For instance, a regional elections (Pilkada) on 9 December 2020 is held. The elected Regent and Vice-Regent of Indramayu were Nina Agustina and Lucky Hakim. In addition, the Regent and Vice-Regent should create a useful program through Department of Communication and Informatics (Diskominfo) of Indramayu. The Regent and the Vice socialize and launch the Program through Live Streaming on Facebook and Youtube using LED Screen. Moreover, the Launching of 10 Leading Programs of Indramayu Regent is hold on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 at 1 PM. It is located in the Hall of Indramayu District.

Indeed, PT. Lintas Mediatama supports the event in providing LED screen to display visual content in the Live Streaming Launching of the program. For instance, is LED display Indoor Rental type P.3 with size 3 x 4 meters. Particularly, Governmental event commonly uses LED Display Indoor for their annual event or a 5-year event. So, it uses online platform to hold the event virtually. The event usually a government policy dissemination or a monthly coordination meeting. Eventually, an annual grand meeting of the whole government.

Why LED P3 Indoor?

Indoor LED displays are a common device for supporting the needs of events production in government institutions and non-government institutions. PT. Lintas Mediatama provides various solutions in every need for activation or production of events. The event organizer usually has consideration based on the need and request of consumers or clients. Most importantly, the cost and visibility of the display.

LED rental P3 for indoors and outdoors are availble in all areas in Indonesia. It is including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara to Papua and also other big cities. Please contact us for more information!

Live Streaming Launching 10 Program Unggulan Bupati Indramayu
LED Indoor untuk Live Streaming Launching 10 Program Unggulan Bupati Indramayu
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