Innovative Solution Launching: Accretive Connect

Accretive Media Introduces the Industry’s first advertising solution that extends the power of out of home media from outside the home into living rooms. Accretive Connect combines the benefits of outdoor advertising brand building with connected tv or smart tv to maximize advertising.

Accretive Media, an outdoor digital advertising company, has announced that Accretive Connect ™, a new solution that enables sequential delivery of information and messages between programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) and connected TV (CTV) for the first time. It opens the doors of opportunity for brand owners and advertising agencies to easily reach consumers both inside and outside the home as well as identify consumers who have seen advertisements across DOOH screens. Accretive Connect is able to see messages that have been viewed outside the home, re-appear and can be viewed again on the TV at home. Thus, the message about the brand that consumers have seen is coordinated and accepted as a good impact on advertising.

According to eMarketer’s forecasts, pDOOH is expected to be double this year until the end of 2022. Then, the forecast for CTV can predict that budget spending on advertising will increase from nearly $ 7 billion in 2019 to $ 10.81 billion and is projected experience growth of 54% by 2021. Accretive Connect enables a brand to capitalize on this trend and the power of sequential messaging to make even greater budget investments in outdoor advertising and television.

The integration of these two digital platforms will help strengthen the building of a better and stronger brand to be recognized by the wider community. Accretive Connect will allow brands to intelligently display their messages on large DOOH screens and strengthen those same messages to the same consumer with visuals, audio and effects on their CTV screens. The goal of every marketer and advertiser is to tell a related story of their advertisement that Accretive Connect can make.

This combination is designed to dramatically improve the memory and response of consumers who have seen out-of-home advertisements then targeted these consumers again in their own homes using immersive video on their smart TVs and / or streaming devices. In measuring its ad growth, Accretive Media will provide reporting analytics related to web traffic, online / offline sales, pedestrian traffic, brand studies and other key special metrics to ensure that brands and agencies get the most of their ad spent.

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