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The latest Development of the advertising industry today offers a wide range of media types and concepts of activation. In line with the development and changes, LIMA comes with the concept “Integrated Digital Advertising Solution” as a solution to your company’s media campaign.

As a manifestation of our priority services, LIMA help to translate your company’s needs, choose the best type of media, and provide ease in using the media as well as offer advertising media solutions based on you needs.

Media Agency Solution

Integrated solution for media agency services
We also provide media implementation in comprehensive construction and electrical including legal permit services.

Digital Media Solution

Full services digital media solution both for outdoor and indoor.
As LED distributor and player, LIMA provide end to end LED services start from planning, implementation, operating and maintenance.

Creative Activation Solution

Our capabilities in generate the great idea and transform into the creative event.
Supported by professional and expert team with full range of event production material including mobiletron and LED Screen, we package all in integrated activation solution.

About Us

Founded in 2005 at Bandung City as an outdoor advertising company, we grow up through creativity and innovation to provide an integrated advertising solution. Our project reference spread out all over Indonesia and continues expanding the market  till South East Asia region.  Our aim is delivering the best quality product and services for customer satisfaction.

Our New Solutions

Creative LED

Creative LED are the NEW and INNOVATIVE medium platform for branding communication. Helping customer to have more impactful engagement, chosen audiences, increase brand awareness, and ultimately sell more product and service.

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Digital Signage

Our integrated Digital Signage system puts  corporate communication in sync. Digital signage Software helps brands to be creative with attractive content through content in motion, images, RSS feeds or simple text.

Digital Signage brings the agility to brands by reducing time of communication cycle, at the same time it ensures optimum utilization of resources.

Content Distribution is made easy through our cloud based solution which is easily integrated with many other softwares.

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