Programmatic Advertising in 2021 Trends

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What is Programmatic advertising? Is it useful for todays development of advertising industry. Indeed, along with the development of technology in times, trends in the advertising industry will always change. One of the promising digital marketing trends in 2021 is Programmatic Advertising. Even though the advertising business industry is impacted by a seemingly endless pandemic; global marketing can still thrive and make improvement progress.

One of the digital marketing trends that we will see in 2021 is the development of Programmatic Advertising. It covers all around the worlds including in Indonesia. Programmatic advertising is an automated advertising that uses the sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI). The program in AI helps monitoring a more specific audience. By using Programmatic Ads, customers do not need to call the publisher to negotiate the ad price. Because they can connect directly in the programmatic ads application.

The publishing of ads process is faster, more efficient, and can increase conversions at a lower cost. For example, in meeting the needs of ads, customers usually have to contact the owner of the advertising media. It is quite time-consuming and costly. However, with Programmatic Ads, advertiser or media owners do not need a complicated process to rent Videotron placement. Because it has been programmed automatically through Programmatic Advertising.

Why It is important?

The outdoor advertising business industry or commonly known as Out of Home Advertising (OOH) will continue to grow up. They are implementing digital marketing to increase sales of Videotron LED placements. The great opportunity that exists in the development of the industry felt by everyone. For instance, advertisers, publishers, brands and owners of outdoor advertising media such as PT. Lintas Mediatama. Based on the results of InMobi’s study in The State of Mobile Programmatic Buying Southeast Asia report; it states that Indonesia is the most attractive programmatic market in Southeast Asia.

The total expenditure for Programmatic Advertising Indonesia is expected to grow by up to 54 percent. And the value can reach more than $ 500 million or around Rp. 6.8 trillion (Global Advertising Trends). Indonesia is also the fastest growing programmatic ads market in 2020 along with India and Brazil. Therefore, PT. Lintas Mediatama as a company in the outdoor advertising business (OOH) will always take advantage of this opportunities. Also keep up with trends in technology and digital marketing developments. We always follow the developments and trend updates. We can meet the advertising needs such as Videotron, billboards, and digital signage. Including, promotional media to be more effectively and efficiently through Programmatic Advertising.

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