Wow! Semarang 3D LED Display at Signature Park

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One of the Outdoor LEDs with a visual concept of 3D LED Display Semarang in the signature park which is now starting to be widely discussed and applied, giving the impression of impressive advertising materials and providing a new experience for road users who see it. One of the projects that has been carried out by PT LIMA is the Semarang 3D LED Display at Signature Park using LED Pitch 10 with the following specifications:

— LED DIP Pitch 10

— Cabinet : 1280mm x 960mm

— Brightness : 8,000nits

— Refresh Rate : 1920hz

— Maximum Power : 300 watt/m2

3d videotron semarang
3d videotron semarang
3d videotron semarang

A 3D LED Display concept has started to bloom in Indonesia, the concept originally originated in America’s Times Square. The 3D visuals displayed depend on the audience’s point of view and the creative visuals of the videos displayed, require detailed creativity to realize the anamorphic 3d visuals. As an example that we have built at Signature Park, Jl Pierre Tendean Semarang which is inline with the concept of an urban park. PT LIMA has been trusted to build an Outdoor LED Videotron with 3D Anamorphic concept with a size of 25 meters x 6 meters as an advertising medium with a 3D concept, we can provide a solution for that concept to make your brand more developed and look beautiful and impressive.

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