Videotron SCBD Jakarta with a Green Concept

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One of the LED Outdoors with a green concept adapts to the surrounding environment, giving a beautiful impression that is very inline with the concept of an urban park. One of the projects that has been carried out by PT LIMA is at Westway Videotron SCBD Jakarta using LED Pitch 10 with the following specifications:

— LED DIP Pitch 10

— Cabinet : 1280mm x 960mm

— Brightness : 12,000nits

— Refresh Rate : 3840hz

— Maximum Power : 330 watt/m2

Videotron Westway SCBD Jakarta

Videotron Westway SCBD Jakarta
Videotron Westway SCBD Jakarta

A green concept for commercial buildings is well known in urban and park concepts, for example we have built at Westway Videotron SCBD Jakarta which is inline with the urban park concept. PT LIMA has been trusted to build an Outdoor LED Videotron with a size of 8 meters x 4.8 meters as a medium of information with a green concept, we can provide a solution for this concept to make your brand more developed and look beautiful blending with urban parks.

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