Videotron LED maintenance

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Maintenance is a method for maintaining and maintaining videotron devices so that they do not experience interference and damage by carrying out routine and regular videotron maintenance. Maintenance is a major function in a company which can be defined as an activity to maintain facilities so that the equipment is in a ready-to-use condition as needed. Basically, the maintenance carried out is so that the videotron is always in good and good condition, so that it remains ready to use at any time and helps to last longer (the life of the videotron is longer).

Some types of Videotron damage that usually occur frequently and can be repaired:

  1. Repair of faulty modules or dead lamps
  2. Power supply repair
  3. Electrical power repair
  4. Software repair
  5. Reset system led
  6. Led recalibration

OAM (Operation and Maintenance) is a videotron repair service that is damaged, both hardware and software damage. Videotron maintenance also aims so that all videotron problems can be handled quickly by experts so that videotron can turn on normally every day.

This service is usually in one package with the maintenance and routine inspection of Videotron LEDs, making it easier if there is damage to advertising media assets. The following steps are standard examples for videotron maintenance:

Pemeriksaan Tegangan Listrik pada videotron
Voltage Check
Pengencangan Jalur Listrik
Electrical Line Fastening
Pemeriksaan Baut Videotron
Nut/Bolt Inspection on Videotron
Pengencangan Modul pada Kabinet
Module Fastening on Videotron Cabinet
Proses Pengujian Cahaya dan Warna
Light and Color Testing Process

We are experienced in maintenance and repair of LED videotron for more than 10 years supported by professional and certified staff in their field.

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