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For the first time in the outdoor digital advertising industry using 3d content technology as if the video content is alive in 3 dimensions, the method used in video is an anamorphic illusion which will be discussed in the next article.

DOOH, a creative agency in Korea for the first time, has created an anamorphic video illusion in the form of a “Big Wave” video at an 80 meter * 20 meter LED Videotron size in the South Korean capital of Seoul, when viewed from a certain angle, the video of the waves seems to fill the room of the building. Videotron LED installed. It was reported that the project took four months from initial construction to completion, including three months of work in digital video design.

3D Konten LED Videotron ilusi anamorphic

Thanks to 3D technology, we can create spectacular digital experiences and create immersive images and videos. It is an added value in the form of creativity that can increase awareness and engagement in outdoor media.

Here are also other examples of the use of 3D content technology on outdoor media led videotrons in Madrid, Spain. McDonald’s launches the MyMcDonald app and shows some of the new prizes users can win and the launch takes advantage of outdoor media. The video that is shown is one of the menus that jumps from the smartphone to the inside of the screen with an aspect that makes it look like a real 3D effect of optical content is visible thanks to the large media size.

3D Technology This content is also used in outdoor media in America’s Times Square, the illusion of interesting 3D visual content is also now starting to appear on Videotron’s LED screens in London and almost all of Asia, Korea, China, and Japan.

3D Konten LED Videotron ilusi anamorphic

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