Videotron Indonesia and Industry Development Direction.

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The Direction of Indonesia’s Videotron Industry

Videotron LEDs have become an effective advertising solution in recent years along with the development of electronic and digital technology. Videotron not only covers major protocol roads, but has also started to enter remote roads although there are still not too many of them. Videotron Indonesia is very synonymous with the world of advertising or advertising, because it is the first time that LED Videotron has entered the advertising industry. Along with the development of technology and information and the behavior of the public market, videotron began to enter the government industry and the like.

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Videotron Kejaksaan Agung Republik Indonesia

Many governments have gradually started using videotron as a visual medium indoors and outdoors, as can be seen from the annual budget allocation allocated for the procurement of this large LED screen. The price is indeed quite hefty for a finished videotron with its construction, but it all depends on the type of pitch of the videotron. The smaller the pitch, the greater the funds that must be allocated, because the sharper the video shows on the videotron. Usually the needs that are often used for outdoor videotrons or what are called megatrons, meeting rooms, office lobbies, or auditoriums.

In addition to the government, the need for videotron in private companies is also high, in general, its function does not differ much between the needs of videotron in the government and the private sector. The difference is only in the placement of the points, usually the private sector prefers the placement of commercial points and as a function of the company to make it look more hitec. The difference can be seen in the budget as well, if the private sector is not as much as the government and actually now the private sector can carry out the auction process, not only the government.

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The New Direction of Digital Signage

Retail industries that have developed a lot and software application technology that can be developed by anyone, make the digital signage industry in retail gradually start to have a market. The development of LED display technology has also made the retail sector for digital signage much in demand, although in this sector retail has a limited budget, but if the number is large, it is the same as the videotron indonesia market. Because not only retail is now in great demand for digital signage, but the direction of the transportation industry is also in great demand as a commercial visual area.

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The Development of Digital Technology and Changing Consumer Habits

At the first arrival of Videotron Indonesia, starting with very large pixel sizes because it is specifically for outdoor or outdoor needs. Due to the growing development of lighting and display technology and the increasing number of technologies that include small pixels, the demands and interests of consumers have begun to change. Usually for outdoor or indoor videotron consumers use a pixel pitch size of 10 now the demand changes to a pixel pitch of 6 even below it is smaller.

This shows that in the future the demand for small pixel videotrons will also increase, but there are some requests that continue to use large pixel pitch for outdoor or outdoor because it is still affordable in terms of price. Demand from various industrial sectors will be more and more in line with the increasingly fierce competition, because videotron producers are now starting to try their hand at the Indonesian Videotron market.

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