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The hardware explained

The LG System On Chip (SoC) display is an all-in-one digital signage display that includes a media player inside the display housing. This configuration means reduced cost not only for the media player and display but also simplifies installation costs. SoC provides a smaller installation footprint as less cabling and man-hours are required for installation. A clean and neat installation is a direct result of using SoC.

Software and content

The LG SoC runs webOS Signage which is a web-based platform for the display of HTML5 and CSS content. One Digital Media has developed our Arcus player to take advantage of the LG SoC display. The ODM Arcus software allows a user to schedule layered content that can be displayed in various regions of the screen. The Arcus software stores all schedules and content locally on the display, so even if connectivity is lost, the player will continue to display its last known content and schedule.

Integration with LG SoC allows the end user to be sure that the hardware purchased from LG or ODM will work correctly with ODM’s Arcus Digital Signage Platform without the need for special hardware testing taking place.

Key benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Simple and efficient setup installation
  • On-site configuration
  • Solid state hardware
  • Easy operation with remote control

Use case

ODM and our partners have installed more than 450 LG System-on-Chip displays in upwards of 150 individual sites across South Africa and Africa. The Internal and External Operations Teams at ODM have been trained to implement and support the technology in the field and has been actively supporting it for the last two years. As legacy hardware reaches the end of its lifespan, more and more owners and operators are choosing the LG displays with ODM’s Arcus software as a replacement solution.

Frans de Jager, head of Technology Development at ODM: “SoC is the future of DOOH advertising. The technology makes for easy installation, easy operation and peace of mind for end users as there is no external media device with fans and hard drives which wear out.”

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