The Establishment of LED Display in TV Station Broadcasting Studio TV One

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PT. Lintas Mediatama got the opportunity and trust in providing the need of LED displays for television station studios, TV One. One of the LED display is used as a backdrop display and decoration for displaying video content on television shows or programs.

There are some LED displays that is used in the studio. For instance, ABSEN PL 2.97 Lite and AOTO C 3.0 LED with the high specifications for the needs of television broadcasting studios. Here are some solutions and advantages of using LED displays in TV studios and broadcasting offered by PT. Lintas Mediatama:

1. Brightness

Broadcast on Studio TV requires an LED screen with the lowest brightness mode but still maintains the highest picture quality. LED screen brightness can be reduced up to 5-10% because the LED screen is applied indoors. The use of a sophisticated LED screen can minimize various image distortions, such as poor color reproduction, unsmooth gradients, and horizontal stripes across the image so that image quality remains sharp and high.

2. High Refresh Rate

Among the top requirements for an LED screen application in a TV studio is a high refresh rate. Refresh rate is the minimum period required to update the image at all brightness levels. The high refresh rate provides flicker-free operation and smooth color gradients for vivid images. The higher the refresh rate, the better the image quality you get.

3. Creative Design

Studio TV is a space with a dynamic environment is designed according to the production needs. The modular design of the LED display gives set designers more flexibility in their design and allowing them to build video backgrounds in any size and shape. The LED display is assembled from a light and slim module which can be used to create concave and convex video backgrounds with a good aspect ratio.

4. Noiseless Operation and Low Heat Output

A brightly lit TV studio and a limited-space environment that is filled with all kinds of supporting equipment is prone to overheating. Therefore, it requires low heat output and efficient heat dissipation without the noise from the LED screen of the TV studio.

5. Reliability

Live broadcast from a television studio is an interesting and challenging broadcasting process as it can turn into a disaster in the event of an equipment failure. Therefore, all equipment used, including large LED screens must be reliable. The LED display we provide is a strong and durable product that you can rely on during tv projects and programs.

6. Fine Pixel Pitch

The rapid development of video displays on LED screens has been used for broadcasting television programs in studios. With high resolution up to 4K or higher, it can show lifelike images and videos against the background. In addition, the fine pixel pitch technology allows viewing at close range without visible screen pixels. We offer sophisticated pixel pitch LED display solutions for TV program projects and production.

LED Display Studio TV One
LED Display Studio TV One
LED Display Studio TV One
LED Display Studio TV One
LED Display Studio TV One
LED Display Studio TV One

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