Tasyakur Bandung City Anniversary Geulisan Event

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The use of LED screen technology or commonly known as VIDEOTRON for event purposes is common. Therefore, led rental services have started to appear to meet the needs of the community. PT. Lintas Mediatama is one of the parts that supports the Geulisan Event (rewriting of the Qur’an) by providing an Indoor LED Videotron. The LED used in the Geulisan Event is the P3 indoor uk 2x4m type which is usually used for indoor events because it has a fairly good visibility, which makes the display on the LED screen still visible clearly and sharply. The advantages of using LED P3 indoor are sufficient brightness but still maintain high image quality, high refresh rate to reduce flicker so that image quality is better. In addition, the smooth pixel pitch technology makes viewing at close range better.

Event geulisan gerakan ulang nulisan Al-Quran
Event geulisan gerakan ulang nulisan Al-Quran

As a company engaged in digital media, we provide integrated media solutions that can support various media needs in an event, both Indoor and Outdoor. We can also reach all of Indonesia with quality and trusted products and services.

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