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In the new normal era after the outbreak of the corona virus or covid-19, LIMA production initiated an event that is held virtually or online at the LIMA studio which could be rented out for tenants or clients. As one of the steps in preventing and reducing the spread of covid-19, an event is held in an open area by implementing the Health protocol and maintaining distance and then broadcast online via live broadcast and Youtube Channel.

Space Rental LIMA Studio is located on Jl. Jakarta number 36 Bandung. The area for the studio is on the first floor. LIMA Studio has a wide selection of studios and complete facilities such as bandwidth, supporting equipment for COVID-19 prevention, make-up rooms, transit rooms, toilets, prayer rooms, parking areas and others. Then, the flow and mechanism, starting from studio rental preparation until shooting or live broadcast finish, have been well-structured and well-planned.

Some clients have rented and used LIMA Studio for shooting, content creation and live broadcast events. Some of the events currently running using LIMA Studio are as follows:

Super Night Endurance

Super Night Endurance is a motocross racing competition that emphasizes physical endurance, both the physical endurance of the racer and the motorbike. This competition was organized by LIMA Production and the 3 series of Super Night Endurance (SNE) competitions were made in 2019. During the Covid-19 outbreak this event was affected and had to be postponed. Almost all the racers who participated in this competition asked when SNE will be held again.

Some teams are still enthusiastic to always train and maintain the health and resilience of the racers. The condition after the outbreak of this virus made several teams hope to be able to take part in the Return competition although there is no certain time when outdoor activities in the form of championships are allowed.

Even though the current condition is not supportive, LIMA Production took the initiative to offer an area or space that can be rented to solve this problem. The LIMA Production team had discussions with the racers, especially the champions, West Java IMI (Indonesian Motor Association), racing figures and enduro activity stakeholders. The result of the discussion was an agreement from the parties to participate in providing some ideas, techniques and tricks of enduro racing in the form of vlogs and youtube channels with podcasts or live broadcasts system using LIMA Studio.

Recording area Super Night Endurance
Live Broadcast Super Night Endurance

Ngobat (Ngobrolkeun Batur)

Ngobat” aka “Ngobrolkeun Batur” or in Indonesian has the same meaning as “Talking about other people” is an event program that discusses and raises a topic from the profession of urban society humorously. The talkshow program was hosted by Budi Dalton, a cultural observer, comedy film star, music lecturer at a private university in Bandung and once served as El Presidente Bikers Brotherhood Club MC.

Ngobat program aims to raise a unique profession that has never been revealed by the mainstream media before. These professions are such as corpse keeper, zumba instructor, haircutter/barber, firefighter officer, longser (traditional treater) and other professions. In addition, Ngobat presented a public appreciation to the profession and conveyed a social message to the citizen of Bandung city.

The event was packaged lightly to explore the socio-cultural community. There is laughter and also subtle satire that become the uniqueness of the talk show. All of it is packed with no filters or sensors that cut anything off. Even so, the event continues to run in the corridor determined through a live Youtube broadcast located at LIMA Studio which has complete facilities and strict application of Health protocols.

Recording Area Ngobat Event Program
Live Broadcast Ngobat Event Program

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