Rental Price of LED Screen and Factors that Affecting It

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Commercial events or social activities that is held by personal, community, and corporate, have used a lot of LED screen visual media adjusted to the needs of the events such as entertainment, concerts, festivals, car / automotive exhibitions, and weddings. Then, what factors that affect the rental price of LED screen according to the required event.

Outdoor and indoor LED screen rental has different specifications according to the needs of the event. Outdoor LED screen has different hardware specifications from indoor LED screen. Outdoor LED screens have higher brightness compared to indoor LED screens and are able to withstand rainy weather, sunlight, extreme temperatures, and can withstand to humidity by having better air circulation. Indoor LED screens usually have a brightness level that is not too high because they are applied only indoors.

Several things that can affect the LED screen rental price:

  • Installation

The shape and size of the LED screen will affect the installation process, whether it will be installed on the stage using simple rigging or complex construction or hanging according to the needs of the event if later on using a custom LED screen.

  • Support Devices

In general, the need of the number of LED screens to be used in accordance with the size that will be applied, and it will eventually produce the number of pixel resolutions. Other additional devices are usually a live camera when needed, a video processor and even cable requirements will be provided.

  • Support System

Sometimes an event wants the audiences to have a memorable experience not only limited to visual displays for the LED screen, but also additional systems such as live view displays on the LED screen, systems that can interact with audiences and connected to social media, and other support systems that can be integrated with a supported system.

  • Duration of LED Screen Rental

The duration of the LED screen at the event is starting from the delivery and loading to the dismantling or unloading of the LED screen. It is generally the most influential aspect on the rental price.

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