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Political voters are always on the move every day they live their daily lives in the real world. There is no rule that says that advertisements must also be silent, therefore mobile led screen are an innovation. Advertisers have used buses, public transport and others for years to get their advertising messages around the city.

But why does promotion just stop at the shelter when you can promote your political ad on almost anything that moves?

  • LED screens on trucks and advertising stickers on transportation equipment can spread the message throughout your target area wherever the vehicle passes.
  • Banners or stickers on airplanes can advertise in weird ways and attract extra attention.
  • OOH messages can also be seen on the water using boats and the like and in beach ball sports as well.

Advantages of mobile LED screen

Out-of-home offers many imaginative advertising opportunities, all memorable.

Like roadside billboards, mobile OOH LED screens offer an extraordinary visual experience that is nearly impossible for voters to overlook. By going anywhere as long as you have a means of transportation, it brings your ad closer to where it feels a lot more personal and even more engaging.

Maybe that’s why digital advertising on mobile OOH results in a withdrawal rate as high as 97%!

In facts:

  • 98% of people who travel by car notice it.
  • Combining mobile advertising with campaigns on smartphones increases your reach by up to 316%!
  • Proximity-based messaging allows you to create more impressions for the same investment.

Like other forms of out of home media, mobile advertising on LED screens on vehicles can be either static (print) or digital. That means you can display:

  • The advertising message is simple and clear.
  • A friendly, candidate-sized photo of yours (perfect for shareable voter selfies).
  • There is an interesting visual video or short video.
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Advertise outside, or in a vehicle

1.Advertising on vehicle exterior

Advertisements on buses, trucks, etc. are usually large enough to be easily seen by anyone in the area, in a car or on foot. Voters who regularly use this route will see your message multiple times over a period of days, weeks, or longer.

2.Iklan pada interior kendaraan

Smaller interior ads are usually inside buses or other public transport. Many taxis and vehicles now boast programmatic advertisements for customers to watch.

While interior ads are only viewable by passengers, they offer plenty of waiting time during the journey to absorb your message. That’s especially true for the transits used by commuters every day.

Turn on OOH ads through mobile LED screens for your political campaigns.

Any truck with a boxy shape can be turned into an advertising campaign that can drive around any time. With so much space, you can create very large and unique designs, such as billboards, or you can add more detail in text or images such as QR codes that voters can scan to connect with you every time the truck stops.

Mobile LED screen is a double-sided panel that can be transported behind the left or right side, even on some vehicles. You can use the same ad on both sides or promote your campaign with two messages at the same time.

Branded mobile LED screen can do:

  • Serves as a campaign stop.
  • Visit each subsequent campaign event.
  • Represent your candidate or voting issue in parades and other public appearances.
  • Appearing at political rival events to remind voters that they have alternative options.

Mobile OOH can also significantly increase canvassing efforts with a much more impressive visual presence. Drive your vehicle into the targeted neighborhood and park on the street where everyone can see your message while volunteers, staff or candidates personally go door to door to deliver the main talking points of your campaign.

Mobility is flexibility

You can start the engine and direct your ad to a new location at any time. That not only expands reach, it also makes it possible to visit targeted segments of voters wherever they congregate.


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