Out of Home Advertising Trends in 2021

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In improving the performance of outdoor advertising (OOH Advertising) advertisers need to use and take advantage of technology. Along with the development of the marketplace, SEO Marketing, and advertising on social media, audience preferences in viewing advertisements have changed according to the trends itself. The following are trends from out of home advertising that will evolve in 2021:

1. Optimizing Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

The trend in Digital Out of Home will always develops along with technological advances. For example, videotron ads have started using ad content with 4K quality. The demand for high resolution has begun to be large and implemented by outdoor advertising providers in facilitating the needs of the audience. The use of high-resolution displays and 4K quality visuals can attract a lot of audience attention for a longer period of time.

Digital Out of Home technology continues to develop today. According to a study, digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) contributes for 30% of outdoor advertising revenue worldwide. It can be said that advertisers who continue to develop and innovate with Digital Out of Home will survive and achieve success in 2021 after facing difficult times due to the pandemic in 2020. Recently, DOOH can be categorized into 2 types, namely Interactive DOOH and Programmatic DOOH. Interactive DOOH is an integration of advertising media and audiences that connects the two in advertising campaign activities for the promotion of a product or service. Meanwhile, Programmatic DOOH creates more opportunities by using data to trigger content on DOOH.

2. Brand Story Telling

This method is applied not only to gain profit but aims to strengthen brand awareness and create engagement to build trust in consumers. In addition, brand story telling can create consumer loyalty because the representation of brand characters can be built according to the consumer segment so that a brand is indeed present as a needed solution. According to some experts, brand story telling in outdoor advertising campaigns will be widely used and implemented in 2021. Some strategies that can be implemented using brand story telling in outdoor advertising are presenting a series of commercials so that it can become a storyline concept and will be waited by the audience for the next ad.

3. Multi-Channel Integration

In 2021, outdoor advertising will integrate a lot with the internet and social media. This integration is very important because it can ensure that the outdoor advertisement providers can convey its message well in all media in a coherent and consistent manner in accordance with the brand image. It can be interpreted that the content of a brand in OOH advertising can be in line with online advertising that directs the audience to the sale of a brand.

Some of these trends are a shift and adaptation of outdoor advertising to the use of digital technology. Optimization of a brand in storytelling skills accompanied by stunning and high-resolution display of DOOH content and integration with online advertising in various media is a priority that advertisers must implement. In conducting an advertising campaign, a mature concept and strategy is needed to achieve success. Collaborate with us PT. Lintas Mediatama, an outdoor advertising provider with more than 15 years of experience and has a qualified creative team to plan your outdoor advertising. We also provide benefits and integrated media solutions for the ease of your business advertisement.

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