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Full services digital media solution both for outdoor and indoor. As distributor, LIMA provide end to end LED services start from planning, implementation, operating and maintenance.

LIMA develops and provides indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions (LED/LCD). Proved to experiences LIMA is committed providing flexible services, high-quality customized products, and business relationships professional while providing the most advanced digital business solutions. Based in Bandung, Indonesia, LIMA has been delivering digital technology since 2005.

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led display fixed outdoor lintas mediatama

The best choice for those who prioritize image quality with stable appearance and durability of material outdoors for years. Our Led Display uses the best DIP & SMD lamp to produce images with very high brightness and balanced contrast resulting in a perfect picture at any time even under direct sunlight.

Out of home advertising is one of the most cost-efficient media formats from rooftop and roadside billboards to building facade side LED displays, LIMA can guide you through the process of implementing an outdoor LED display.

Available : P3.9, P4.8, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16.
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led display fixed indoor lintas mediatama

Ultra HD (High Definition) image quality and stunning color and brightness, the image display is very impressive, very suitable as your company's promo media in space for the airport area, railway, mall, offices and other public areas.

The smaller the pixel pitch (distance between each pixel) the higher the resolution and closer the viewer can be stood to the screen. Each of our indoor LED screens are shipped in module format allowing you the flexibility to create screens of any size. Options for front or rear service access are available depending on your installation.

Available : P1.6, P1.9, P2, P2.6, P3, P4, P6.
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produk led indoor retail mall
produk led indoor transportasi stasiun
produk led indoor curve
led display rental indoor outdoor lintas mediatama

Another advantage is the lightweight die-casting cabinet material and is designed with a special structure to facilitate speed up installation and can be installed according to the needs of both flat, convex, concave and other events.

Our LED rental are also modular and scalable, which means several individual screens can be combined to provide one large screen. We also have a variety of support systems (top-mounted and floor mounted), accessories, and video processors. Whether you need to build a modular LED video rental of any size, like the idea of an all-in-one, or have a creative project in mind, we can help.

Available Outdoor : P4.8, P7, P10, M15.
Available Indoor : P3.9.
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produk led rental supermusic superrawk
produk led rental pocari sweat futsal
produk led rental pon jabar 2016
creative led display lintas mediatama

High contrast ratio and good evenness, high uniformity, without mosaic. High and adjustable LED brightness can meet the demands of the changing requirement of customer in different environments. It is widely used in advertising media, concert, TV show, shopping mall, entertainment, exhibition, airport, hotel, station hall and other public places.

The installation was also designed to produce a manufacturing facility with a point of difference, while allowing the brand to convey its creativity and offer an eye-catching aesthetic for the public to enjoy throughout the year.

Available : Cube LED Display, Ball LED Display, Triangle LED Display, Sliding LED Display, Banner LED Display, Transparent LED poster
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produk kreatif cube led display dago bandung
creative billboard lintas mediatama

Not only are conventional billboards eye-catching and capable of reaching large, targeted audiences but they’re also visible for 24 hours each and every day. This affords it a competitive edge over digital billboards, which require brands to share space and receive around 10 seconds of advertising exposure per minute.

Through billboard advertising you can simultaneously target core customer segments and optimise your local reach, while reducing your marketing costs in the process. This makes it an ideal channel to compete with larger firms and really get noticed.

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produk creative billboard teh pucuk
digital signage lintas mediatama

Our Digital Signage are produce for in-store marketing and media communication in various retail stores, such as a bank, hotel, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, clothes shop, scenic spot, fitness center, cosmetic shop and has an outstanding quality, which can work 7*24*365 without any problem.

Available Digital Signage : 3D LCD Display, 3D Holocube, LCD Videowall, LCD Stretched, LCD Transparent Display, LCD Indoor & Outdoor Wallmount, LCD Standing Display Indoor & Outdoor, LCD Standing Rotatable, LCD Standing Kiosk, LCD Touch Table Kiosk.

Available Outdoor : 42", 55", 65", 75", 100".
Available Indoor : 27", 32", 42", 55", 75".
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Commonly known as Media Branding, advertising media that displays dynamic content as an alternative media solution to conventional or digital media both indoor and outdoor.

Adding out of home media and billboard advertising to your media plan can significantly increase your reach into a market, and your ability to connect to your target audience. While other media platforms are losing traction to do visualisation of advertising channels. Media out of home is thriving due largely to its time tested ability to deliver high visibility cost effective programs. Out of home is also ideally suited to work in synchronicity with mobile platforms and social media.

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Supported by a professional team, we provide activation or event solutions that concerns quality, creativity, innovation with high competitive value.

LIMA Activation understand that brand activations are all about creating engaging and memorable experiences for customers, thats why our team appreciate the importance of delivering the highest level of service to our clients. We treat your brand as our brand. We work with our clients and their creative agencies from the initial concept right through to full design and installation.

" Welcome entertaining and relevant event activation. "

Unique, dynamic events all have one thing in common: they begin with a great vision. What tools you are you using to make sure that your event is compelling, engaging, and unforgettable for those in attendance? LED video screen rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. Adding personality and dimension to your event has never been easier. LED displays are adaptable by nature and can be configured to serve a number of different functions in small, medium, and large setups. Along with our rental production network partners, LIMA is ready to help you take your live event production to the next level with LED display technology.

We understand that the presenter’s message must be delivered with impact. We are the choice supplier of rigging hire solutions for countless events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, product launch events, festivals and venues. We can support your sound system events, lighting, and many more for suitable branding your event with mobiletron.

Rigging done correctly reduces the high-risk environment to manageable risk levels so you can be relaxed at your event. Our qualified and experienced riggers hold the relevant licences, understand and comply with Work Health & Safety regulations in each state based legislations.

produk sewa led rental indoor aktivasi
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produk sewa led rigging rental aktivasi

Whether you are planning a fundraiser, an evening gala, a corporate retreat, community event, a LED rental is the only way to go for indoor and outdoor events. For rentals, we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles, each which the capacity to handle large crowds. We have the experience and expertise to help you. To book a LED for your next event, be sure to visit our tent rental page.

LIMA Event organizer is a full-fledged event management company, striving to create unparalleled event experiences. LIMA Event organizer established systems and processes ensure a seamless flow of work from beginning to end. LIMA Event organizer break barriers when we need to. And go that extra mile. Brand planner, Event management company, Music for corporate events, led rental company, Social event planner, Audio rental company, Top artist management, Outdoor event organisation.

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produk sewa led rental esport league

ESL - Clash of Nations

produk led rental kpop music bank

K-Pop Music Bank

produk led rental abt final battle

ABT Final Battle