OOH Media Contribution During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The spread of the corona virus or covid-19 has spread throughout the world and become particular concern. Many people are affected and even the business sector is affected by this virus. As a form of everyone’s concern for the spread of this virus, there are so many contributions have been made such as prayer, donations, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), appeals from OOH Media and messages to people around the world.

Then what is the contribution that has been made from the advertising business sector that owned OOH media?

Various business sectors around the world, especially in the field of advertising that owned out of home media, have contributed to the use of their media voluntarily. Their OOH media is used to spread messages and appeals such as tips on preventing Covid-19, social restrictions, maintaining distance and so on.

Here are some pictures of the use of out of home media in several countries that is used to reduce the spread of covid-19:

Outdoor LED Videotron in Philadelphia
Digital Kiosk in New York
Digital Signage in New York
LED Videotron Outdoor di Nevada
LED Videtron Outdoor di Virginia Barat
LED Videtron Outdoor di Inggris

As a company that run-in advertising media, PT. Lintas Mediatama also contributed to help reducing the spread of the covid-19 virus by utilizing its media placements such as Billboard and Videotron as shown in the following pictures:

Himbauan untuk berdonasi covid-19
Dukungan PSBB terhadap Pemerintah
Apresiasi terhadap petugas medis
Ajakan untuk #dirumahaja #physicaldistancing
Tips Menghadapi Covid-19
Product pencegahan Covid-19

The important role of the entire community in preventing the spread of Covid-19 cases is urgently needed, one of which is by following health protocols or by providing preventive advice according to recommendations from the health department of Indonesia.

With the presence of OOH media that is spread across several points in urban areas, it is hoped that it will be able to increase public awareness of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Hopefully, various messages, invitations, and appeals through out of home media can help people protect themselves and their health from the transmission and spread of covid-19.

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