BBPMPPV BMTI Vocational Festival

The Ministry of Education and Culture through the BBPMPPV BMTI held a Link And Match Vocational Seminar with the Business World/Industrial World. This Vocational Festival will be held on 15-17 September 2021 at BBPMPPV BMTI Jl. KM 2 Islamic Boarding School, Cibabat, North Cimahi. These activities include a vocational education symposium, the launch of the
One way to take care of videotron LEDs is to do regular LED washing every month or a maximum of every 6 months, in addition to making videotron look clean and beautiful, it also makes it more durable and long lasting. Not infrequently videotron owners do not carry out such maintenance, often seen dirty videotrons

Videotron LED maintenance

Maintenance is a method for maintaining and maintaining videotron devices so that they do not experience interference and damage by carrying out routine and regular videotron maintenance. Maintenance is a major function in a company which can be defined as an activity to maintain facilities so that the equipment is in a ready-to-use condition as

Color Calibration On Videotron

Calibration on Videotron is a process of equalizing the color and brightness of each module to produce the same standard of color and brightness. The calibrated module will be different from the uncalibrated module. There will be color differences on certain sides. Actually, when you buy a videotron, the calibration settings have been done by