Thrill Of Life Super Playground, a hobby community event that has been established since 2017, and was held in the Bandung Progressive Sport Center Area on Jalan Soekarno Hatta on January 15-16, 2022, received enthusiasm for hobbyists such as BMX bicycles, skateboards. , mini 4wd or tamiya, roller skate and RC car. In the installation
The installation of the right or appropriate videotron facade can give the impression of a better characteristic of the building and can also build a selling point for the brand or brand. There are several challenges to choosing a good media facade construction on an existing building. Because each building has its own characteristics, especially

LIMA Studio : Eiger Virtual Shopping

What is Virtual Shopping? In the simplest terms, virtual shopping is a bridge between online and in-store shopping, which is connected to e-commerce. The result is a consumer omnichannel experience in merging transactions both online and shopping directly in physical stores. Colleagues working in-store, at home, or at headquarters can instantly connect with online customers

Munas EMCI 2021

Today’s technological sophistication, especially in big cities, requires a videotron to broadcast various activities in an event. On this occasion, there is something different from the holding of the 2021 EMCI National Conference (National Conference) this time, namely in terms of the display system used now which is much more attractive because it uses LED