InfoComm is always a great showcase of the latest and greatest digital signage products available in the AV industry. With virtually every digital signage manufacturer under the same roof, companies pull out all the stops to show off new products and technologies that will provide a wow factor in organizations everywhere. We stopped by as many booths as we could, getting video footage at some and taking notes on others. Either way, you’ll want to learn about these products to find out more about what’s coming to market in the next year. In 2019, digital signage can be a visual representation of the commitment to technology a company invests in. Check out the video above to see some of these products, and keep reading to learn more specifics about the products in the video, and even more products shown off on the show floor.
Korean electronics makers Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are moving onto take on the niche market of digital signage, the so-called fourth screen in everyday life after TV, cinema and mobile phones. According to global market research firm Grand View Research on Tuesday, worldwide sales of digital signage displays are estimated to nearly double from $18.6 in 2018 to $31.7 billion in 2025. Digital signage has emerged as a new platform for marketing and information services, becoming commonplace from shopping malls to banks.
Live interactive billboards across the UK will show exactly which counties are most active by bike, with clothing brand Le Col backing a Tour de France long challenge this July. The Le Col Tour Challenge will be hosted on Strava, with local riders in each county aiming to log the highest number of miles. But the results won’t be locked away for only Strava uses to pore over – progress updates will be on show in the mainstream arena, with interactive billboards displaying the stats live for all to see. To take part, Strava members simply have to sign up to the challenge and start logging their rides. The nationwide competition kicks off with the Tour, on July 6, and each counties achievement will be recorded and pitted against the rest of the country.
Our solution connects consumers with brands in relevant moments throughout their day, when they are most receptive to brand messaging. We do this through our main product called ‘Mindset Targeting for Receptive Moments.’ Mindset Targeting analyzes a consumer’s location and the context of that location in real time to determine what type of ad content would be suitable to the person. Our platform processes many data sets instantly, including weather, place of interest (POI), events and much more in order to decide which ad to display. Due to processing so much data, MobileFuse’s Insight Reports are more granular than typical digital campaigns. We can detect engagement by location, engagement by weather and so on, and not just impressions and clicks. Overall, MobileFuse provides approximately 50 different Insight Report metrics that help our clients understand what messages will be most effective.
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