In improving the performance of outdoor advertising (OOH Advertising) advertisers need to use and take advantage of technology. Along with the development of the marketplace, SEO Marketing, and advertising on social media, audience preferences in viewing advertisements have changed according to the trends itself. The following are trends from out of home advertising that will
Digital Out of Home (DOOH) or usually called as videotron is an advertising media for promotion. Many companies and people use it because of its effectiveness in attracting audience to notice a product and services. The message that advertisers want to inform is delivered through the visual content that is being displayed in the LED
Accretive Media Introduces the Industry’s first advertising solution that extends the power of out of home media from outside the home into living rooms. Accretive Connect combines the benefits of outdoor advertising brand building with connected tv or smart tv to maximize advertising. Accretive Media, an outdoor digital advertising company, has announced that Accretive Connect
Immersive video nowadays becomes a big thing because it is very compelling to make a content become more memorable to the audiences. In fact, some audiences in an event usually not necessarily remember what the speakers say but they will do remember how they feel and experience. It is what an immersive video is doing;