Immersive video nowadays becomes a big thing because it is very compelling to make a content become more memorable to the audiences. In fact, some audiences in an event usually not necessarily remember what the speakers say but they will do remember how they feel and experience. It is what an immersive video is doing;
In the new normal era after the outbreak of the corona virus or covid-19, LIMA production initiated an event that is held virtually or online at the LIMA studio which could be rented out for tenants or clients. As one of the steps in preventing and reducing the spread of covid-19, an event is held
During the Covid-19 pandemic an event cannot be held as usual. Many events that have been planned and scheduled in advance have to be postponed or even canceled. This is because the corona virus outbreak is increasing so that the government must limit gatherings or crowds of people that can occur, especially in an event.
The spread of the corona virus or covid-19 has spread throughout the world and become particular concern. Many people are affected and even the business sector is affected by this virus. As a form of everyone’s concern for the spread of this virus, there are so many contributions have been made such as prayer, donations,