Menkominfo 2021 Event

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LED Rental is a display screen device that can be rented for the needs of organizing an event, both indoor and outdoor. This LED rental is part of the solution offered by PT. Lintas Mediatama in supporting customers or clients who need LED screens. On this occasion, LED rentals are needed again for the 2021 Menkominfo event.

In this event, the Menkominfo 2021 event, the rental LED used is the indoor P3 LED type which is usually used for indoor events because it has a fairly good visibility, so that the display on the LED screen will be seen clearly and sharply. The advantages of using LED P3 indoor are sufficient brightness but still maintain high image quality, high refresh rate to reduce flicker so that image quality is better. In addition, the smooth pixel pitch technology makes viewing at close range better, making the delivery of information displayed on the LED Screean conveyed and more attractive.

Event Menkominfo 2021

We provide various types and sizes of LED Screens with high quality visual displays for both indoor and outdoor events; and supported by professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in their fields. We provide solutions for your event needs to create a different experience in every event.

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