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We have often seen LED Videotron function as an advertising medium that is installed on the side of a protocol road or attached to a building, it is no stranger to see advertising media such as billboards. The development allows videotron to be used as an LED meeting room solution or as a learning medium for offices, universities/campuses, or government institutions.

It’s just that the difference from the Videotron LEDs that we usually see outdoors or attached to buildings is that they have a very high brightness level and a very tenuous LED pitch, usually a pitch of 10, so when viewed up close, the video or image visuals will appear shaded. Now videotron technology has made it possible to be indoors, often referred to as indoor media with a brightness that is not too bright according to indoor conditions, and usually has a small pitch that allows HD to UHD (Ultra High Definition) visual displays.

LED Videotron Iconic ILM 2.5

One of the LED meeting room solution projects that PT LIMA has been working on.

LED Meeting Room SESPIM Lembang
LED Meeting Room SESPIM Lembang
LED Meeting Room SESPIM Lembang
LED Meeting Room SESPIM Lembang

The need for visuals in displaying information for the process of discussion, learning or meetings in a company or government is very necessary, because it supports coordination later. The following is an example of a meeting room LED solution that is paired with a modular 2.5 pitch LED (Iconic ILM 2.5) that looks very clear and vivid in color from the visual.

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