Looks Like Floating, Animation On Videotron Frame

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I’m not 100% sure of the proposition here, but it’s still interesting that a videotron in one of these cities in America goes beyond the normal dimensions of the screen by also using LEDs for the videotron frame and support base.

The videotron is in West Hollywood and is referred to as the “Invisible Frame” – the idea is that by digitizing the supporting structure material, the ordered ad floats somewhat in the air. The LED modules on the frame and the pedestal/pole provide visuals that blend into the environment, such as the sky and the surrounding trees.

The Videtron uses an 8mm Daktronics LED display, and the concept is brought together with the Consumer Experience Group (CEG), for all clients. The absence of a brand name anywhere on the board indicates the streaming media company owns this board, and not the media company.

It won’t add much extra hardware costs to do this, relatively speaking. But I’d really like to know if passersby pay attention, and if they do, what does it accomplish? But… there are many things that impress others.

Source : https://www.sixteen-nine.net/

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