How an Event Still Running with the Implementation of Health Protocols

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During the Covid-19 pandemic an event cannot be held as usual. Many events that have been planned and scheduled in advance have to be postponed or even canceled. This is because the corona virus outbreak is increasing so that the government must limit gatherings or crowds of people that can occur, especially in an event.

With the limitation of the events, there are a lot of affected people who work in this event world, event players, event communities and the business sector in the event organizer or event management.

Lima Production as one of the products from the portfolio of PT. Lintas Mediatama, which is engaged in activation and event production, was also affected by this pandemic. However, these obstacles can be faced by continuing to increase creativity and innovation so that solutions can be found.

One of the solutions to this problem is to organize an event simulation that puts first priority of health protocol during the adaptation period of new normal in accordance with the regulations and also with the permission of the local government. Pelaku Event Bandung (event player and community in Bandung) who initiated the simulation of this adaptation event collaborated with various event communities, vendors and event players including Lima Production who also supported this event simulation.

In this Event Simulation there are several safety procedures, audience management, and health protocol support facilities such as hand sanitizers, thermo guns, thermal gates etc. Everyone, including event organizers, performers and visitors, applies physical distancing, wears masks and face shields and checks body temperature.

The measurement of body temperature can be done quickly and accurately by using a thermal gate produced by PT. Lintas Mediatama. This body temperature measurement device is called the Walkthrough Thermometer iWT500 which can be applied in various places such as in offices, hotels, schools, shopping centers, transportation services and other public spaces including at an event that has become a standard Health protocol. This following is a documentation of the implementation of event simulations held by Pelaku Event Bandung:

Walkthrough Thermometer iWT500 for body temperature measurement in the first entrance
Walkthrough Thermometer iWT500 for body temperature measurement in the first entrance
Simulation of Adaptation Event for music concert and talkshow
Simulation of Adaptation Event for watching movies

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