Honda Event at Grand Atrium Pakuwon Mall

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The development of media events for promotions or other large events uses LED Screen rentals and is one of the best visual solutions for every event such as music events, exhibition events, wedding events, corporate events, festivals, car exhibitions, promotion of the latest products, to religious events too. using rental LED screens. One of them was at the Honda car exhibition at Pakuwon Mall Surabaya.

One of the main uses of an LED screen is to display an image, text, or video on the screen so that it can be seen by as many people as possible. In an event, visualization that displays this projection occupies an urgent order in event equipment, without it, it is certain that the stage will experience a vacuum of attraction, and the event becomes tasteless.

PT. Lintas Mediatama is one part that supports the implementation of this event. The LED used in this event is the P3 indoor type uk 2x4m which is usually used for indoor events because it has a fairly good visibility, which makes the display on the LED screen still visible clearly and sharply. Having sufficient brightness (brightness) but still maintaining image quality, a high refresh rate can reduce flicker so that image quality is better. In addition, the smooth pixel pitch technology makes viewing at close range better.

Event Honda di Atrium Pakuwon Mall
Event Honda di Atrium Pakuwon Mall

As a company engaged in digital media, we provide solutions for every activation need or events that will be held depending on the wishes of consumers accompanied by the needs of the devices and systems that will be used. As a company engaged in digital media, we provide solutions that can support various media needs in an event, both Indoor and Outdoor. We can also reach all of Indonesia with quality and reliable products and services.

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