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The term digital signage in advertising world may be heard very rarely in recent years or even for a long time. Nowadays it become familiar with the development of the internet and the entry of digital world in the early 2000s. Billboards and banners are common advertising media that people know as outdoor advertising media. Videotron is one of the advance outdoor media that display is digital or dynamic content. The advance of videotron development is in accordance with the presence of LED lighting technology and the development of digital technology; as well as the development of the community market that follows digital technology.

Digital signage itself has a function as a media for promotion of products or services. It also has a function as an information, an appeal message or as a direction / way. Digital signage itself is a transformation form of the previous media according to technological advances. It has the same function; however, the difference is it provide a visual display in the form of pictures, videos, graphics, schedules, or directions that are more interesting and displays information or messages to people or target audience effectively, quickly, and precisely. There is an added value of digital signage which apart from being a media for promotion and information, it is an addition of programmatic advertising features. Programmatic advertising can collect data as a selling point for a company’s marketing process in running its target business.Signage sendiri memiliki fungsi sebagi media promosi produk jasa maupun lainnya, ataupun bersifat informasi baik himbauan maupun sebagai petunjuk arah/jalan. Digital signage sendiri merupakan transformasi bentuk dari sebelumnya sesuai dengan kemajuan teknologi dengan memiliki fungsi yang sama, bedanya memberikan tontonan visual berupa gambar, video, chart, grafik, jadwal, ataupun petunjuk arah yang lebih menarik serta menampilkan informasi atau pesan kepada orang-orang atau target audiens secara efektif, cepat, dan tepat. Penambahan fitur programmatic advertising merupakan nilai tambah dari sebuah digital signage, selain sebagai media promosi serta informasi. Programmatic advertising dapat mengumpulkan data sebagai nilai jual untuk proses marketing suatu perusahaan dalam menjalankan target bisnisnya.

Digital Signage Technology and the Popularity of Programmatic Advertising Around the World

Digital signage is now a trend of digital promotional media, it will not be complete with its supporting factors, namely programmatic advertising. The ability to present an attractive visual and process data that is easy to operate, starting from creating content, broadcast schedules, and publication to obtain marketing data.

Almost all of the business places around the world, public spaces, public transportation means, offices, and entertainment places such as malls which are retail places and fast food restaurants have replaced conventional communication media into digital media. It is caused by the changes of promotion needs as a media of consumer communication in order to make it easier to understand the product and to improve the brand image of the company and product.

Digital signage display screen

A network of digital signage in an area has many branches inside and outside the city, for instance malls, mini markets, supermarkets, airports, stations, terminals, banks, hotels, government offices, hospitals / health centers, and many others. This is also a programmatic advertising function that able to control, monitor, update all information or brand / product promotion which will later be displayed to staff or consumers in real time / simultaneously to all regions anywhere as long as it is connected online via the internet.

Digital signage technology opens media business opportunities, almost all business managers, be it malls, super markets, and even cafes, have utilized this technology by attaching LCD or LED screens as promotional, information, and communication points as media. Supported by the ability of supporting digital signage applications as a place to update media content.

Functions and Places to Optimize Digital Signage for Promotional Media

After looking at the development of promotional media and business opportunities, the function of digital signage as one of the media for information and promotion needs to be optimized. It depends on the needs of the place where the media is located. Here are a few examples:

  1. Office areas usually display employee information, current news, currency exchange rates, weather, meeting schedules or presentations, and company values.
  2. Public areas (stations, airports, bus stops, city parks) usually provide information on departure schedules, public transportation routes, public appeals, and as rental advertisements.
  3. Shopping centers (malls, supermarkets, retail, food courts) usually display information on discount or price promotions, event schedules, and menu lists.
  4. Educational places (schools, universities, tutoring places) usually display schedule information, educational values, wall magazines.
  5. Digital signage for advertising is usually placed at strategic points such as on the side of the road as street furniture, attached to buildings and even transportation for promotional needs and a company’s brand image.
  6. There are still many places that can be used as media depending on how creative we are.

The use of digital signage become a solution for digital advertising media that already used because of its dynamic and attractive content. It also has the advantage of updating content in real-time, anytime and anywhere so that the submitted information can be received in a real-time.

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