Creating Experiences with Immersive LED

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Immersive video nowadays becomes a big thing because it is very compelling to make a content become more memorable to the audiences. In fact, some audiences in an event usually not necessarily remember what the speakers say but they will do remember how they feel and experience. It is what an immersive video is doing; making a content more attractive and compelling by creating and experience to generate emotional response for the audience to be remembered.

Immersive LED scenery view
Konten Video di layar LED pada setiap sudut
Immersive LED screen with scenery view content
Konten video pemandangan pada layar LED curved

With the use of LED screens, audiences are given the experience and emotion as a group that is contagious. The audiences are experiencing content in the same place at the same time. They share their excitement to each other more profound and memorable experience.

Immersive LED 3
Penyesuaian konten video imersif pada LED
Konten video imersif untuk kebutuhan acara yang dapat disesuaikan

A great immersive environment is created with LED screens with any shapes in a walls, floors and ceilings. The LED that is build can be curved depend on the angle and corner with very high resolution. For instance, a scenery video is built full 3D to create the real environment so the audiences can walk through the straight path and look around the walls, floors and ceilings environments which is fully immersed in video.

Pengaplikasian Immersive LED dengan visual 3D
Konsep Immersive LED dalam sebuah ruang

The content of the video is created in such a way like advising the resolution, brightness, the sizes of LED, concepts and so on to creating the real environment. LED gives the impact to the audiences with the visual graphics that can be adjusted like the brightness, pixel pitch and other sets in various different ways to create immersive events especially with LED.  It is such created a digital canvas more immersive for audiences to look at as like in an art museum by surrounding them with the contents in the LED screens and also support by lightings and audio.

kombinasi Visual konten LED dengan berbagai pencahayaan dan visual effect 3D
Penciptaan visual konsep imersif konten video 3D pada LED

This is a brand-new ideas and creativity to bring the audiences feel the excitement that they never experience before.

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