Challenges in Building a Videotron Facade

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The installation of the right or appropriate videotron facade can give the impression of a better characteristic of the building and can also build a selling point for the brand or brand.

There are several challenges to choosing a good media facade construction on an existing building.

Because each building has its own characteristics, especially for iconic buildings with unique designs that have special meanings, such as brand history or local culture.

In addition, some buildings have distinctive designs and materials, special materials and non-standard dimensions, etc. This gives some difficulties in finding ideas to express the design and simplify the installation.

Let’s explore the challenge as follows.

1. The aesthetic suitability of the videotron facade with the building itself.

First, when creating a media facade design. We must not destroy the original architectural style of the building. If the media facade does not blend well with the building, then the media facade will look strange and unsightly.

This causes the media facade to only act as advertising media in general as a player for advertising content when it is on and only a rectangular box when it is turned off without any aesthetic value.

Thus, the first challenge is that the LED media facade design must be in harmony with the environment, the original design, and the original facade structure.

Facade Videotron Ratu Plaza

2. Make the media facade a part of the original building material.

Sometimes, customers want to keep 100% of the original structure of the building. All parts of the media facade must be hidden inside, including the electrical and control panels. The challenge is to make a videotron facade element that will become part of the building material.

Facade Videotron Deli Park

3. Flexible in shape to cover the building area

A building does not always only have a flat surface. Sometimes it has a three-dimensional surface, and sometimes it has an irregular shape, such as a triangle or a curve. So the facade of the videotron must be flexible and adaptable to cover the area perfectly.

4. Do not block the incoming sunlight and people inside can still see the outside of the building.

People love the sun and enjoy the outside view when inside the building, because the size of the media facade is usually very large. Therefore, it is better to use the media facade with specifications with the highest transparency possible, but some videotron facade products are more difficult to install and maintain if high transparency is sought. It is very important to choose a videotron facade that is friendly to building occupants with sufficient transparency.

5. Find a good balance between transparency and pixel pitch of the layer.

There is a natural difference between transparency and pixel pitch on a videotron fad screen. Smaller pixel pitch means higher resolution, and allows images to be more detailed when displayed. But having more pixels makes the transparency lower. Pixel pitch is also related to viewing distance, smaller pixel pitch has a closer optimal viewing distance. It is necessary to find the best balance between transparency and pixel pitch in the videotron facade, as long as the image can be recognized from the optimal viewing distance.

6. Use a durable media facade for permanent installation.

Selection of a durable videotron facade when media installation is permanently outdoors. Maintenance costs can be reduced by spending on maintenance costs. There are several parameters that need to be considered in choosing a videotron faade.

IP 65/67 Waterproof.

Considering that unexpected accumulation of rainwater can occur at any time especially during the rainy season, it is best to request a product with an IP65/67 rating.

The temperature when the videotron facade is operating

the working temperature must be at least -20 degrees ~ + 60 degrees because it is in the tropics, and almost all locations do not experience too large temperature changes, otherwise in some countries there will be very large temperature changes from day to night.

Wind Resistant

When installing a media facade on the surface of a skyscraper, winds at a height of hundreds of meters can reach 100 km/hour or more. Wind resistance is something we should also consider.

UV Resistant

Long exposure to sunlight, UV resistance is needed.

Resistant to special weather.

There are special weather conditions for certain regions. For example special treatments will be used in planning and installation, such as protection against marine salinization, protection against sand in deserts and others.

Save power consumption.

LED lamps are energy efficient lighting electronics. But if used in millions of LED pixels in a large format media facade design, the power consumption becomes very high. if you want to compete with the sun all day long, the videotron facade will be designed with brighter pixels or a higher resolution. This will also increase power consumption.

7. Choosing the right media content is very important for the videotron facade.

Choosing the right media content is also very important in creating a successful media facade. Because video content can provide stories, experiences, and also reflect the design of the building and the surrounding environment. When designing video content, it’s best to consider three parts: brand culture, building form, and the surrounding environment. Because bad content will affect people’s perception of the building, on the other hand good content will attract pedestrians, benefit owners from advertising, and improve the relationship between audience and building.

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