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Interactive Billboards Advertise Inter County Cycling Competition Nationwide

Live interactive billboards across the UK will show exactly which counties are most active by bike, with clothing brand Le Col backing a Tour de France long challenge this July.

The Le Col Tour Challenge will be hosted on Strava, with local riders in each county aiming to log the highest number of miles.
But the results won’t be locked away for only Strava uses to pore over – progress updates will be on show in the mainstream arena, with interactive billboards displaying the stats live for all to see.

To take part, Strava members simply have to sign up to the challenge and start logging their rides. The nationwide competition kicks off with the Tour, on July 6, and each counties achievement will be recorded and pitted against the rest of the country.

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Creating a Virtuous Circle in OOH

A couple of years ago a new startup, MakeSpace, disrupted a category with a smart, seamless, digital approach to storage. In the process, they created a new sector of on-demand storage that promised to simplify the category. Central to their launch strategy was Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising; the campaign created one of best examples of a “virtuous circle.” OOH provided brand awareness and drove traffic to the MakeSpace website, while OOH displays were also used across their social channels like content, which increased audience engagement and led to an increase in responses and shares. This virtuous circle drove favorable results.

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5G & Outdoor Advertising — The Great Land Grab

Media and marketing scribes in Australia were ignited somewhat last week with news of the imminent awarding of one of the largest outdoor media contracts in Australia — the City of Sydney’s street furniture and outdoor advertising assets. The official timetable quotes February as the expected announcement date.

Comprising over 2,000 physical assets, the City of Sydney contract has been held by JCDecaux since 1999, and the tendering process has been underway for over 12 months.

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