Billboard and Videotron Construction Maintenance


The process of periodic maintenance and checking is useful for maintaining the security of billboard and videotron construction to keep them safe and not dangerous. By doing regular checks and maintenance, the aim is to avoid significant damage. Construction maintenance is an operational service that functions to perform maintenance on the construction of videotron billboards and ACP for Media.

Maintenance on the poles / girders needs to be done this becomes an important foundation in the strength of the construction structure is sturdy or not. Also to prevent unwanted things. Maintenance and repairs are carried out periodically depending on environmental pollution conditions and on certain weather seasons.

Perawatan konstruksi videotron dan billboard
Perawatan konstruksi videotron dan billboard

Maintenance on frame construction aims to prevent corrosion or other things that can damage the frame due to weather factors, age factors and so on. Repair and maintenance of media frames is carried out regularly and carefully. The material needed when building a billboard must be of high quality so that the results of the construction are strong. Iron pipes are used as the main support. The aluminum plate can be used as a base for placing advertising media to be installed and must be firmly attached to the construction so that it is resistant to strong wind gusts. The angle iron is arranged transversely to form a more sturdy Billboard frame in accordance with the Billboard construction calculations.

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