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According to a study conducted by OAAA, out-of-home advertising has grown rapidly in the past year and is only expected to grow in the new year. With more consumers traveling and enjoying in-person activities, brands need to meet their target audience wherever they are. But it’s not just about impressions, the 2023 OOH trend will see advertisers using more data, advanced technology, and embracing a mix of physical and digital media to best reach their market.

Knowledge is power and it’s no surprise data will continue to be king in 2023. Having scientifically backed insight into what makes consumers tick is invaluable, we will see more brands and agencies use sophisticated research methodologies to make informed buying decisions.

In 2022, my company conducted a neuroscientific study that found that sites and ad formats play a key role in the success of OOH campaigns, from capturing the viewer’s attention to ad perception. The findings show that OOH advertising sites with low cognitive load increase positive responses, and accumulate stronger levels of recall — key components that contribute to driving real-world sales.

Expect more science-backed studies and the use of tools like artificial intelligence to identify audiences, optimize creatives and improve performance in real time. The goal of AI is to deliver personalized ads that help people make decisions about what products or services to consume. I anticipate this shift to outdoor advertising substantially in 2023.

On top of that, augmented reality is also set to get bigger and better – we see this already working with the integration of QR codes into billboards to launch AR experiences. By 2023 we can expect it to be even more sophisticated and streamlined to connect the digital world with a physical presence of brands in out-of-home advertising.

In 2023 brands will create multi-sensory campaigns for digitally tired consumers who crave real, tangible experiences. Advertisers don’t want to be one of many, and they will look for one-of-a-kind opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Unexpected experiences resonate with consumers, attract more attention and lead to better retention, so it’s no surprise that iconic outdoor locations will continue to become portals for digital brand experiences and purchases, thanks in large part to handheld devices.

This is an exciting time for advertising, with the market expected to grow from 3% to 6%, according to studies from Dentsu, GroupM, Magna and Zenith, and OOH advertising growing 8% by 2023. Despite whispers of a recession, connect with customers and build Brand fame continues to be a top priority for most businesses, and out-of-home advertising is a powerful way to achieve this.

2023 will be the year of the community canvas, when advertisers will need to maintain their brand prominence in a cluttered marketplace and drive sales and metrics through the brand funnel, creating real value through power outside the home.

I like to think of the city as the community theater and the outdoor media canvas as the headliner. Mass media reach is viewing that is believable, unobtrusive, and gives back to society. The best performing content is carefully localized — performance is what moves and inspires.

To create truly captivating campaigns in the new year, advertisers have to think creatively. Next year will not only be about impressions. It’s about making an impression that matters. Magic happens when quality locations, quality equipment, solid service, and well-thought-out creativity all come together in harmony.

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