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This LED Lenticular is designed borrowing the concept and delivery of a lenticular lens technique, with a vertical triangular strip that gives the illusion of depth and provides a different view based on a certain angle of view. The project is huge, and it looks beautiful – even though I haven’t seen it in person, and have never been there. But the technology is put together on a creative basis.

Using software-based animations to remind passengers of the beauty of the journey as they pass through the terminal before heading to their destination. Informed by daily flight schedule data, the digital art installation features a unique abstract video.

The 34 monolithic LED panels in the main hall are constructed using a specially designed 90° angle with no seams on the edges, providing an elegant viewing experience from every angle. With a pitch of 2.5mm and a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits plus a refresh rate of 3840Hz, it’s the highest quality LED component available to take viewers into this exciting digital landscape. The full installation features over 40 million individually controlled LEDs, creating a vivid abstraction of the experience.

This could easily be advertising a large Digital OOH LED along the bulkhead of the departure hall – a common thing in a terminal room. It’s nice to see the decision made with the led lenticular, art makes more sense even though it reduces advertising revenue.

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