yeni wahyuningsih founder pt lintas mediatamaAs Integrated Media Solutions, PT. Lintas Mediatama  grow through creativity and innovation to provide integrated advertising solutions. Established in October 2005 in Bandung with Founder Mrs. Yeni Wahyuningsih.

Our projects are spread throughout Indonesia and continuing to expand the market to the Southeast Asia region. Our goals to provide the best quality products and services for customer satisfaction.

The background of establishment the company was because in the 2000s society was aware of the existence of promotional media both conventionally and digitally, it makes Ms. Yeni Wahyuningsih encouraged to establish advertising companies.

In 2005 PT. Lintas Mediatama was established with 5 employees and has a Workshop on Jl. Jakarta Bandung, not long after that moving to Jalan Manado Bandung. After 7 years PT. Lintas Mediatama moved to Jl. Cipunagara and made the Head Office of the PT. Lintas Mediatama.

PT. Lintas Mediatama continues to expand branches in several major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta Branch was established in 2015, Surabaya Branch was established in 2016, and Yogyakarta Branch was established in 2017. We have 110 conventional LEDs and OOH, to operate the LEDs we use the Network Operating Center and operated in 2010.

Supported by 130 credibility and creative employees with competent clients, until now PT. Lintas Mediatama still exist. Value ​​of the company building of cohesiveness and work commitment of employees.

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Our Value

“Honest, Smart, Creative, Unique and Teamwork”

Our Vision

To Become the best Creative,Innovative and professional Integrated Media Solution Company.

Our Mission

Provide Creativity, Innovative and Effectiveness by combining our uniqueness idea, design, media and location for all Integrated Media Solution.


General Manager Produksi LIMA

Rahmat Fajar Supriyono

General Manager


General Manager Bisnis LIMA

Nurul Fatahillah

General Manager


General Manager Operasional LIMA

Yeni Wahyuningsih

General Manager