LED Screens and the Future of Filmmaking

The world of American cinema or Hollywood is very much felt during this Covid-19 pandemic. Filmmaking requires hundreds of cooperating people coming from all over the world and working in close proximity to one another. During the outbreak of the covid-19 virus or early 2020, film production activities were temporarily suspended until notification. But little by little new films or films made during the pandemic began to emerge. How do filmmakers find ways to adapt in making their films? and now filmmakers can get even more tools to help filmmaking safely.

Not all films require high-tech solutions to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some films can survive with a smaller crew and film in quarantine. However, making larger and more complex films still requires visual effects and a lot of additional technology to fill the process requirements of film shooting and is complicated when it comes to maintaining distance in the process.

The Next Level of Filmmaking

How the film-making process can take place during a pandemic that applies social distancing from each other, the makers plan to make a film production using a virtual studio, he called it.

This is done by dividing into small teams to conduct surveys and take pictures of real locations for the needs of film background footage later, the shooting process is still directed through the virtual by the director as if he was doing the actual shooting process. Everyone involved in the filming process can talk to each other in real time, it even has a virtual version of the film’s lens settings so you can set the right shot. It also gives the whole team an idea of ​​what needs to be built into the film, what can be used for the existing ones, and what should be created digitally.

If the need for shooting is in a closed room or in a building, additional technology is needed to scan the location of the room, usually using lidar technology, later every angle that has been scanned will be given to the visual effects technology team to be used as photorealism for the needs of the filmmaking process.

Into the LED Screen Revolution

Filmmakers say that LED screens, virtual production, and rendering in real time are the future of film and television production that create more immersive shooting environments, create direct visual effects on camera shots, and especially the limitations of current filmmaking caused by by the covid-19 virus.

led screen videotron pembuatan film
led screen videotron pembuatan film

In the world of advertising, LED screens are no stranger to this, but in the world of cinema, it is something new to use as a film backdrop.

During the current pandemic, the technology is like completing the missing film-making process, there is no direct shooting or direct coverage around people. It looks like this will be a valuable new toolkit in the world of cinema in the future.

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