LED Rental for Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021 Events

LED Rental is a rent LED screen display for the needs of an event execution both indoors and outdoors. This LED rental is part of the solution offered by PT. Lintas Mediatama in supporting customers or clients who requires an LED screen. On this occasion, LED rental supports an event named the Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021. This event holds in 2 days on March 13 and 14, 2021 at the Trans Luxury Hotel Convention Center Bandung. The concept of this is event are Exhibition and Fashion Show. Several brands and designers attend it and aims at advancing the hijab fashion industry in Indonesia, especially in Bandung city. In addition to the LED screen for the fashion show backdrop; there is also a Walkthrough Thermometer, a thermal gate that can measure body temperature optimally in implementing health protocols.

Why the Event Uses LED P3?

In this event, the rental LED used is the ICONIC P3 indoor with the size of 3 x 4 meters. The common usage of LED rental is P3 type for Indoor. Because, it has a fairly good visibility, so that the display on LED screen will be seen clearly and sharply. The advantage of using the P3 indoor LED screen is the level of brightness. It is sufficient but still maintains high image quality. Then, a high refresh rate to reduce flicker for better image quality. Apart from that, the smooth pixel pitch technology also makes viewing at close range better. There is none screen pixels visible on the LED screen background or backdrop.

LED Rental Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021
LED Rental Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021
LED Rental Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021
LED Rental Indonesia Hijab Walk 2021

The need for indoor LED rental has become an important part in supporting the needs of organizing an event. PT. Lintas Mediatama provides various solutions in every need for activation or production of events. It will be held according to the needs and requests of the client. Afterwards, they consider the needs for devices and other systems that are affordable and reliable. The areas of our LED rental cover all regions in Indonesia. It is including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara to Papua as well as other big cities.

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