Event Support Indoor LED – Biofarma Senior Leaders Meeting

Indoor LED display of PT. Lintas Mediatama supports Biofarma. Biofarma is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) engages in the technology of vaccine and serum manufacturing in Indonesia. For instance, the development and production of the Covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia. Initially, Holding Biofarma holds a Senior Leaders Meeting at the Biofarma Multipurpose Building, Jalan Pasteur No.28 Bandung. And then, this event was on February 25-26, 2021 and has the theme “Transform and Synergy Toward Growth of Holding with the “CHAMP” Spirit”. In order to support this event, PT. Lintas Mediatama as an integrated media company provides several Indoor LED, LCD displays and body temperature device.

LED Videotron Used

There are some of LED Videotron in this event. Firstly, LED Videotron to support this event which is the Indoor LED P3.9 type. It has the size 6 x 3m in the main stage. This LED is in indoor area to display some visual content, images, videos and other presentation materials. Secondly, there are 2 sets of LED type P3.9 with the size of 7x2m on the left and right side of audience seats. Then, the two sets of LEDs on the side are for the audience who want to see the content from a closer side. Additionally, FOH Matador LED type P3.9 with the size of 4×2.5m for crews’ monitor and operators.

Main Stage Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma Front
Indoor LED P3.9 6m x 3m (Front Stage)
Main Stage Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma Front
Indoor LED P3.9 6m x 3m (Front Stage)
Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma Left Side
LED P3.9 7m x 2m (Left Side)
Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma Right Side
LED P3.9 7m x 2m (Right Side)
Back Stage Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma
LED Matador (FOH) P3.9 4m x 2.5m
Back Stage Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma
LED Matador (FOH) P3.9 4m x 2.5m

Other Device

Not only indoor LED devicesin this event, but also we install a touchscreen LCD display near the entrance as well. In fact, it has function as an event navigation and instructions for the event participants. Furthermore, we strive to maintain the safety of participants in participating in events according to health protocols as a prevention against the spread of covid-19. For instance, the device we provide is a Thermal Gate which functions as an automatic body temperature measurement that can be used quickly and accurately.

Entrace Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma LCD
LCD Display Touchscreen (Entrance)
Thermal Gate Senior Leader Meeting Biofarma WTT
Thermal Gate (Entrance)

In addition, Activation Solution is one of our portfolios that includes activation and event production. Indeed, it offers various solutions for the needs of rental LED screens for indoor and outdoor needs. Then, we provide various types and sizes of LED screens with high-quality visual displays and supported by reliable and trusted personnel. Thus, there are many solutions to hold an event. Above all, it is the use of our solution.

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