P3.9 LED Screen Indoor / Outdoor Rental

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The development of media events for promotions or other large events use LED Screen rental. It is one of the best visual solutions for any dynamic events such as music events, exhibitions, wedding events, corporate events, festivals, car fairs, product promotions, and religion events also use LED screen rental. More than 13 years of experience since 2006, LIMA has made many portfolios in terms of the world of activation or commonly called event organizers in the scope of LED Screen visual media. LIMA provides solutions and provides the needs for both concept of the event until the event is carried out well and smoothly held, from the branding concept to the implementation and equipment needs such as LED screen rental, rigging, audio visual, and professional teams LED screen rental, rigging, audio visual, and profesional team for both indoor and outdoor needs.

LIMA provides a variety of solutions in every need for activation or events that will be held depending on the desires of consumers along with the needs of the devices and systems to be used. The need for indoor and outdoor LED screen rental in general usually use the P3.9 LED screen. In addition, it has the sufficient visibility an affordable cost. The P3.9 LED screen is suitable for outdoor event needs; you can also use a pitch with a range of P3.9 – P6.25 and for indoor LED screens. You can use a pitch with a range of P2.9 – P4.8 with a LED screen rental in all coverage area throughout Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara to Papua. We are also available in big cities such as Medan, Padang, Jakarta, Bandung, Balikpapan, Makassar and other cities.

How about the rental prices for the LED screen itself? LED screen rental prices can be affected by several factors .

The LED Screen can be applied and used in an event as follows:

LED Screen in music events

It is common for music events to give the audience a visual experience and make the event more entertaining by using LED screen media and provide booths as merchandise places.

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produk branding aktivasi java jazz festival

LED Screen in sports events

It is common in a sports event using LED screen or videotron media to display large-size matches or as a media for scores or advertisements, not only sports, e-sports events also use LED screen media.

ESport ESL - Clash of Nations
Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship

LED Screen in government / company events

Every government / company usually holds an annual event or a 5-year event. It could be a socialization event or an annual grand meeting of all local governments / branches in a company. Usually LED screen has become a tool to support the needs of these events.

Rapat Tahunan DPR MPR

LED Screen in exhibition / promotion events

Recently,  almost all exhibitions use LED screens both for exhibition organizers and exhibitors themselves in providing attraction to potential consumers or as a visual media for promotion.

produk branding aktivasi polycore
Pameran Mobil Honda

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