11 Digital Signage Products from InfoComm 2019

Check out our video to learn about 11 new innovative digital signage products introduced and shown off at InfoComm 2019.

InfoComm is always a great showcase of the latest and greatest digital signage products available in the AV industry. With virtually every digital signage manufacturer under the same roof, companies pull out all the stops to show off new products and technologies that will provide a wow factor in organizations everywhere.

We stopped by as many booths as we could, getting video footage at some and taking notes on others. Either way, you’ll want to learn about these products to find out more about what’s coming to market in the next year. In 2019, digital signage can be a visual representation of the commitment to technology a company invests in.

Check out the video above to see some of these products, and keep reading to learn more specifics about the products in the video, and even more products shown off on the show floor.

More Digital Signage Products from InfoComm 2019:

A.C. ProMedia ProLights

A new sister division of A.C. Lighting, distributor A.C. ProMedia used InfoComm 2019 to showcase its varied “Architainment Media Solutions” brands that offer audio, video, lighting, control and networking products, including ProLights, Chroma-Q, Luminex, Prolyte Group, LumenRadio and Harvey. The ProLights offerings highlighted its LED lighting and video effects, ideal for live events, house of worship, rental and staging verticals. ProLights’ Mosaico, new to the U.S. market, is an LED projection lamp. “It offers an amazing beam,” says VP of sales Mic Cardone. “It’s 7,300 Kelvin and over 11,000 lumens, which features Gobo [design wheel] and color mixing, and the price is unbelievable … that’s the kind of lighting we’re trying to promote through A.C. ProMedia.”

Absenicon LED Displays

Absenicon is a new Led display series for meeting room spaces. It comes out of the box, with no processor necessary. It has multiple HDMI inputs, and a one-button click-to-connect for wireless presentation, which supports up to four different signal sources on one screen. Absenicon comes in 110-inch, 120-inch, 160-inch, or 220-inch. Absen is also offering financing to end users for more affordability.

AOTO Mini LED Video Wall

Those who visited AOTO during InfoComm 2019 likely found it difficult to look away from the pixel pitch 0.78mm Mini LED video wall that covered nearly the entire rear wall of the company’s exhibit. During a video interview with Commercial Integrator, AOTO’s Y.T. Chen walked through the products on display at InfoComm 2019 with a focus on the 0.78mm Mini LED product that the company says makes it the “mini LED leader worldwide.” AOTO fine pitch Mini LED products, ranging from 0.78mm to 1.5mm, adopt exclusive 4 in 1 packaging design, which has smaller chip, more stable screen robustness and extremely vivid image with its 4K and 8K technology, according to the company. It adds that the product solves the vulnerability problem of normal fine pitch products and on-site maintenance difficulty of COB products.

Apollo Enclosures AUO Ultra Bright Display Package

Apollo Enclosures is known for being able to provide outdoor housing to easily maintain, ventilate, service, etc. an array of displays and sizes. At InfoComm, the company was showing a bundle that included 2,500 nits high-brightness, 55- and 65-inch backlit LED LCD displays from AUO (PRO-X55A and PRO-X65A). As Apollo president Lynn Stearn notes, though, the package is upgradeable if clients are looking for a different display brand, perhaps 4K, smart TV or other option; the point is the package lowers the price of entry into outdoor displays for customers. “AUO is actually a $45 billion company; people don’t know them because they don’t have their own product [they OEM for other companies], but they came to us and they said they would build us a 2,500-nit panel and we could package it. It’s still two separate pieces and we can build our enclosure around their product and keep it thinner,” Stearn explains, adding that the combined solution for the 55-inch model runs about $2,000 less than comparable-size displays.

Christie MicroTiles LED

Christie unveiled its MicroTiles LED seamless pixel line at ISE 2019, touting them as smaller, brighter and easier to install, opening up even more possibilities for video wall installation. The narrow-pixel pitch LED solution marks the culmination of a two-year project. Christie MicroTiles LED solves integrators’ and customers’ video wall challenges with a three-pillar strategy, according to senior product Ted Romanowitz.

  • Pillar I: Unparalleled visual performance with broad compliance optimized for life
  • Pillar II: Almost limitless artistic creativity
  • Pillar III: Maximize LED investment with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and mission critical reliability

Daktronics Pixel Pitch LED Video Display

Daktronics showed off its latest generation of pixel pitch LED displays at InfoComm 2019. While the 1.5mm display was prominent at the show, the line comes in 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and 2.5mm bezels. Daktronics offers a module access tool for easier service, which can be engaged and disengaged to preserve the integrity of the display face and LEDs.

Dynascan 88-inch Stretch

The new Dynascan 88-inch stretch LCD display offers an ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio. It is a modular design that can be installed stand-alone, dual-sided, or triple-sided. The screen features 1,000-nit image, and TrueColo calibration for quality.

LG Business Solutions Curved LED

LG had tons of eye candy at its extensive InfoComm booth, in a variety of form factors. Among them was its fine-pitch direct-view indoor curved LAPE series, which uses a specially designed flexible LED display module that supports true concave and convex curvature for virtually limitless design flexibility, according to the company. The fine-pitch LAPE series employs proprietary Dynamic Contrast Algorithm technology for a wide range of color and deep contrast. “There are some cool things you can do with direct-view LED. This [curved version] is something we’re really excited about because it’s something that can be deployed in all sorts of settings,” says VP of marketing Garry Wicka. “It’s front serviceable; each one of the panels is on a setup where it’s pressed in, so [integrators] pop that off and front-service all of these items, which is really a very easy way to do it.”

NEC Display UN Series  Near Bezel-less 55-inch Panels

During InfoComm 2019, NEC Display Solutions of America announced that it’s improving its UN Series of video wall panels by adding a near bezel-less 55-inch that now features enhanced factor color calibration for easy setup and color uniformity. The idea is to make video wall setup easier and the intensive color calibration and proprietary SpectraView Engine should move that goal forward. The new UN552S and UN552VS feature just 0.44mm inactive area surrounding an anti-glare, high-haze IPS panel designed for seamless multi-screen configurations, ideal for digital signage uses in retail, corporate, and broadcast environments.

“When it comes to video wall setup, making sure the color is just right is often the biggest pain point for customers,” said Ben Hardy, senior product manager, NEC Display Solutions. “That’s why we’ve engineered the UN552 line of video wall panels to have the easiest setup process by putting them through an intensive factory calibration process that ensures color uniformity, reducing customer frustration while providing the ultimate flexibility in color adjustment.”

The dispalys feature direct LED-backlighting, allowing for localized dimming and increased dynamic contrast ratio, according to the company.

Neoti Creative LED Options

This U.S.-based manufacturer offers indoor, outdoor, and what they call “creative” LED options. But their competitive advantage is in their middle-US location’s proximity for customer concerns. Neoti offers component-level repair and service capabilities for nearly all makes and manufacturers of direct-view LED Displays.

Planar TVF Complete LED Video Walls

TVF Complete is a new line of video wall solutions designed for multiple environments and applications. It is optimized for Full HD and 4K resolutions, coming in 109-inch, 137-inch, 164-inch, and 219-inch sizes. Each model includes LED display abinets, video controller, cables, wall mounts, trim and spare modules for easier maintenance.

Samsung 8K Display

The Samsung 8K display features artificial intelligence that will take a standard signal and utilize machine learning to upscale any signal to 8K. It features quantum processor 8K, quantum HDR24X, and direct full array 16X – concentrated zones of precision-controlled LEDs for ultra-deep blacks and pure whites.

SiliconCore Lotus 0.83mm Fine-Pitch LED Display

Featuring three SiliconCore proprietary technologies and 2000 nits brightness, the Lotus 0.83mm display consumes up to 50% less power compared to similar displays of its kind, the company says. It features SiliconCore’s latest feature, LISA – a proprietary encapsulation process that guards the high density LEDs and ensures color uniformity and a long lifetime. Its cool surface is dust and water resistant which makes it very durable and suitable for touch and custom install applications, with a very close viewing distance. A 4K resolution display can now be achieved at 144” with a smooth, touchable surface.

Source : mytechdecisions.com

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