Interactive Billboards Advertise Inter County Cycling Competition Nationwide

Local challenge for local people brings Strava stats to the mainstream

Live interactive billboards across the UK will show exactly which counties are most active by bike, with clothing brand Le Col backing a Tour de France long challenge this July.

The Le Col Tour Challenge will be hosted on Strava, with local riders in each county aiming to log the highest number of miles.

But the results won’t be locked away for only Strava uses to pore over – progress updates will be on show in the mainstream arena, with interactive billboards displaying the stats live for all to see.

To take part, Strava members simply have to sign up to the challenge and start logging their rides. The nationwide competition kicks off with the Tour, on July 6, and each counties achievement will be recorded and pitted against the rest of the country.

The key driver is distance – so those in Yorkshire and North Wales might need to be out for longer than riders in Essex, but there will be full leaderboards with elevation stats and more on Strava. 

Billboards – controlled via Clear Channel – will display the data at outdoor locations in Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Devon, Derby, Dorset, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gloucester, Lancashire, Liverpool, Lincoln, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tyne & Wear, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

Residents in each county will be able to see both their achievements so far, and how much more distance they need to cover by bike to beat the leaders and nearest competition.

Commenting on the challenge, former pro and Le Col founder Yanto Barker said: “Cycling brings out the competitive nature in people, whether it’s going faster or further than the riders you meet on the road. That’s why we wanted to give people a new way to interact with the stats from their ride.

“Over the past year, over 1.2 million cyclists have signed up to our Le Col Strava Challenges, so the Tour Challenge, along with our live billboards, will prove once and for all who the best and most active cyclists in the country are”.

There are some additional awards for those taking part, with a £50 voucher on offer for any rider completing 115 kilometres between July 6 and July 28, plus entry to a competition to win £2000 worth of kit.

Richard Bon, Clear Channel’s Managing Director said: “Campaigns like the Le Col Challenge are a delight to see on our streets. As an avid cyclist myself, It’s great to see a brand encouraging millions of people to get on their bikes throughout July. The innovative use of Strava data, combined with a bit of competitive spirit and local pride, is a masterclass on how to use Out of Home [advertising] to its optimum.”

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